08 May 2011

Post updates

For the last six months I have been deployed to Sudan as part of the ADF commitment to the United Nations Mission in Sudan. While away many cases have been resolved. Most blog entries since November 2010 do not have photos or have only basic information. Now that I'm home and can access the medals and other information I've updated the individual entries.

NX172739 P.B. Lane
NX51062 E.W. Butt and 66682 E.J. Arnold
55442 C.D. Alcock
NX150120 H.J. MacDonald
NX8141 S.H. Peyton
QX13604 W.J.L. Baltzarsen
NX38990 D.O. Edwards
NFX138781 I.M. Woodgate
32069 F.P. McMahon
NX170869 A.G. McMurtrie
FW45971 M.A.G. Easton
VX74091 J.R. Allen
NX68272 B.A. Shaw
QX9765 B.C. Locke
2792760 R.B. Marks
2161652 R.A. Hopper
266462 P.F. Holmes
6145 A.C. Fraser
2784501 J.A. Fernandes
A11511 K.J.Dollman
2478 C.T. Richards
VX133941 J.J. Bowers
5088 J.J.I. Page
NX192799 J.R. McWhinnie
L.J. Mannix
N5287 W.J.M. Stein
NX120899 R.G. Peck
NX43240 W.R. Aitken
NX166917 A.A. Williscroft
NX78704 G. Gibson
VX137241 J. Tucker
NX139346 S.E. Crelley
NX167154 S. McCarrol
22121 T.W.H. Pearson
NX113496 W.A. Bisiker
I.R. Clark
WX38909 R.C. Pickersgill
1977 R.S. McLeay
8046 T.C. Simpson
NX119329 E.H. Wynter
NX9084 S.W.M. Prisk
VX138275 W.H. McKenzie
NX14378 J.H Aitken
NX152551 B.J. O'Rourke
2166 V.W.L Miller
195 J. Fothergill
NX135563 R.A. Garfield

This is not the end of the process, the next step is to post medals to the families which may take some time to finalise.
My deployment is also the reason that the medal list on the website has not been updated for over 12 months. I hope you will understand why this has been a little slow in occurring.

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