26 February 2020

Contempory medals returned

I can't speak highly enough about the relationship that I have with the Directorate of Honours and Awards. I've now extended this relationship to the Defence Archives who had a medal that they could not find the owner of. HA referred DA to me and a week later I was in contact with the RAN veteran and will soon return two of his medals.
The returned medal tally is now 2431.

Thomas Hoey

This request came to me via the Lost Medals Australia Face Book page. Antony had come across a 1939-45 War Medal awarded to SX17866 Thomas James Hoey and was looking to return the medal.
Thomas died of wounds on 29 December 1942 aged 30. He was married to Gladys but they didn't have any children. I found Thomas included on an Ancestry tree. As it turns out that the research was done on behalf of Thomas' niece.
Jennifer H is the tree owner and kindly provided me the niece's contact details so I've now connected her and Antony.
Yes the ribbon is incorrect for this medal but I'm pretty sure than won't matter to Thomas' family.
The returned medal tally is now 2429.

16 February 2020

Keven Sparks

In the past I've written about my relationship with the Green Shed. This is a recycling facility in Canberra who sell donated items, they also raise money for charity and create employment opportunities. My contact is co-owner Elaine and every time medals come in to her possession she sends them to me to return.
This latest medal group was found in November 2019 in a house clearance.
The group consists of The Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 with clasp Malaysia, the General Service Medal 1962 with clasps Malay Peninsula and Borneo and the Anniversary of National Service Medal. They were awarded to Keven Albert Thomas Sparks but with this type of research, nothing is easy. The records that were available had the first name spelt Kevin, either of the middle names were dropped, swapped or they were completely ignored.
What I could find was Keven on an Ancestry family tree and this lead me to his sister. We have recently been in contact and I'll be sending the medal to her shortly.
Thank you Elaine and the Green Shed.
The returned medal tally is now 2428.