31 March 2011

Medals awarded to Australian servicemen

At this time of year, the number of inquries I get from people about medals they have or medals they are looking for increases. I'm sure that the approach of Anzac Day has a lot to do with it.
In recent days I've received several emails that describe a medal and request an explaination of what the medal is. I'm very pleased when I'm able to help someone who has an interest in their families medals.
In the first few posts of this blog I showed examples of the most common medals awarded to Australians during WWI and WWII. To assist people with these inquiries, I thought I would bring the posts to the top of the blog.
This link is to WWI medals.
This link is to  WWII medals.
This link is to information about fake medals.
This link is to information about duplicate, replacement and replica medals.

I hope that these posts are helpful to readers.
Anzac Day 2011 is not that far away.

25 March 2011

William McKenzie

The WWII medals awarded to VX138275 William Henry McKenzie were stolen over 17 years ago. Now his 1939-45 Star will be returned to the family. This is the discussion about McKenzie on the Australian Surname Group. Thanks to Jo K for wanting to see this medal returned.
The returned medal tally is now 860.

Update on 8 May 11 - photos added.

Update on 15 May 11 - Information from the McKenzie family about how the medal was stolen and a photo of William.

'the family house was left empty for a couple of weeks, it was at this time somebody decided to drive a truck onto the front lawn and start emptying the house, we were there the next morning and found half our home gone, we called the police and removed what else we could, lucky we did, as the next night they came back and cleaned out the rest of the house. The medals went in the thief's first visit, but it wasn’t just my Fathers medals but also my Grand Fathers, he had served at Gallipoli and many other places during the 1st World War. The theft of family memorabilia, such as photos and these medals hurt more than any other thing, as life goes on and you try and explain to your children what it has taken to get them here, these things are found to be so precious.'

12 March 2011

Reserch Service Web Site

My friend Sandra has just launched a web site for her Military and Family History research service. The link is: Vision Research Services.

06 March 2011

Sydney Prisk

The 1939-45 Star awarded to NX9084 Sydney WM Prisk came to us from the NSW RSL. Bill broke the code on this search and located Sid's nephew Bob who provided Bill with the following:
Sid spoke rarely of his war, usually, like so many of the soldiers, he preferred to talk of the humorous incidents, such aswhen his unit was withdrawing from Greece and he and two mates spent several days on the run, hiding from the Germans. When they finally made it to the beach, Sid announced that he could not swim. So they stripped off and his two mates dragged him through the surf, supporting Sid to the boat that was to pick them up. Several weeks later it was almost a repeat performance, when Sid who still couldn't swim and his mates were forced into the sea during the withdrawal this time from Crete.
Sid later returned to Australia and he then served in New Guinea. He was discharged on medical grounds in April 1945. Unfortunately, Sid was, at times, in poor health due to complications from his war service. He hung on for many years until his death in 1998. Sid had always remarked that he was too stubborn to give up.
The returned medal tally is now 859

Update on 8 May 11 - photos added.

03 March 2011

Cyril Davy Alcock - Update

This post updates the story of Cyril Davy Alcock.
Margaret Jorganson, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, Watsonia Returned and Services Club, has kindly provided us with two photos of Cyril.

This one is of Cyril in his British Army uniform when serving during WWI.

Here is Cyril in the WWII RAAF uniform.

02 March 2011

Leslie John Mannix - Update

This post updates the story of Leslie John Mannix.
Leslie's grand daughter, Lynette has kindly provided us with a family photo that shows five members of the Mannix family in uniform.

They are from left to right
Back Row: Arthur, 'Jack', Frank, Roy, Leslie (John)
Front Row: Clara Edward Mary Ida
This photo was scanning off a very old sepia photo that had itself been photoed.
Lynette also tells us that some time after he had been discharged for being under age, John, who was always known as Jack, actually sneaked off and enlisted under an uncle's name.