16 April 2008

This time it's a dog tag

Over the years I've been sent several dog tags that people would like returned. Today Bill tracked down the Great Great Nephew of 3625 John Alfred Nelson who was KIA on 17 Aug 1916. I'll put this dog tag in the mail tomorrow and it should be back with the family by Anzac Day.

10 April 2008

Three more medals are going home

I have had a hectic couple of days at Lost Medals Australia. Here are photos and short stories of the three medals that are on their way home.
The first medal arrived in the post yesterday afternoon. It is a WWI Victory Medal awarded to 52650 A-CPL John Munt, 11th LH. The sure name is unusual and there were clues about his children in the service record. This provided more leads on the Internet and following an educated guess I phoned Munt's grand daughter. The total time it took me to locate the family was about 15 hours.

The second medal that is going home this week is also a WWI Victory Medal. This one was awarded to 36526 Dvr R.G. Maiden, AFA. I've had this one for some time and it medal has seen better days. This return is a direct result of the family searching the family history and coming across a listing on the main web site.

The final medal in this lot is a WWI BWM that was awarded to 3620 PTE Thomas Essam, 47th Bn, AIF. This medal has had a hard life and the first letter of the surname is almost worn off the rim.

The total number of returned medals now stands at 371.

05 April 2008

Four more medals are about to be returned

It has been a quite month for Lost Medals Australia however, in the last few days we have located four families and I'll be sending their medals to them in the near future.
The first medal is a Royal Navy Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal awarded to B1940 AB Ernest Victor Greenhalgh, RNVR. Greenhalgh's grand daughter contacted me having come across his entry on the main website.

The second medal is a WWI Victory Medal awarded to 2729 Roy Condon Bird who served with 14th LHR and the Camel Corps. I would like to thank Luke Keioskie of the The Coffs Coast Advocate who took a letter to the editor that I wrote and turned it into a story. As a result Bird's grandson contacted me.

The third medal is British War Medal awarded to 5763 PTE Leo Campbell Dempsey, 14Bn, AIF. Bill did a great job locating Leo's nephew also named Leo.

The final medal in this round is another British War Medal, this on the 3099 PTE George Grace, 20 Bn, AIF. Once again Bill joined all the dots on this on to locate the family.