30 May 2009

An overdue update

As you can see from my last post I have been overseas for a bit. While I have been away Bill has been doing some wonderful research. He has located six families with considerable help from our friends at The Australian Surnames Group. I've also been contacted by one family. Here are some photos and links to service records.
The tally of medals that have been returned to veterans or families is now 496.

06 May 2009

A meeting worth waiting for

I have mentioned before that we very rarely meet the families who we return medals to. When we do it is a very special occasion and we have tried to put photos here or on the web site. This week I did meet with a family and it was a memorable occasion.
On 27 Mar 09 I reported that we had located the family of 335 T-CPL George Clifford . The family live in England so my initial thought was to pop the medal in the mail. My wife, Anna, later said she could see the wheels slowly turning over as I put all the pieces in place. As it happened we had a trip to England planned so I suggested to Rob, who is related to Clifford, that I bring the medal to London for him. That plan fell in place and on 4 May I met Rob, and his wife Cathy, and returned the medal to them. We had a wonderful day with them and here are some photos of Rob and me in Kensington Gardens.

Updated 25 Sep 12. The donor of the Clifford medal was Barry of SA. It was remiss of me not to mention this in the past.