27 March 2009

A good week

The last week has been very productive for Lost Medals Australia. The Penman family groups, listed below, was a big return. Since then the medals returned number has jumped to 459. This has included a National Service Medal and a couple more WWI medals.
The first WWI medal is the BWM awarded to 335 T-CPL George Clifford. The family are currently living in England so this is another international return.
The second group is the WWI pair to 1927 PTE John Ryan.

22 March 2009

Penman family medals

Recently I received a box in the mail with no return address that contained 8 medals all awarded to members of the Penman family. The medals were named to the following:
1914-15 Star to S-7324 PTE A. PENMAN. R. HIGHRS
Victory Medal to 17971 PTE W. PENMAN. CAMERONS
1914-15 Star 32960 PTE A. PENMAN R.A.M.C.
39-45 ASM W243016 A. PENMAN
War Medal W243016 A. PENMAN
WWII pair to WX36331 PTE David Douglas Penman who was KIA aged 19 in 1943.
My initial research showed that the recipients were William, Archibald and Alexander Penman. David Penman was Alexander's son. Sandra, from WA, did some wonderful research for me and put me in touch with a member of the family and I'll be sending the medals back to WA in the near future. This brings the medals returned total to 455.

Henry Brain

This search has been very frustrating but once again Bill triumphed and this 1914-15 Star awarded to 408 Henry Brain can now be returned to the family. The medal returned number is now 447.

20 March 2009

Military Medal and Plaque

For a few weeks we have been researching the Military Medal (MM) awarded to 4346 Granville Victor Johnson. Bill, with Leonie's help, recently located the family of this soldier and the medal has been sent to me to forward on to the family. With the MM was the Memorial Plaque presented to the family after Johnson was KIA on 14 Sep 18. This now takes the medals returned total to 446.

09 March 2009

Media activities

Lost Medals Australia has had a bit of media exposure lately. The article below appeared in the 5 Mar edition of Army News (unfortunately I could save the article and the picture). Today I did a radio interview with ABC Radio, the interviewer is Alex Slone.

07 March 2009


Today we have been in contact with the family of 25971 GNR Charles Gordon Thomson. This medal is well travelled. Thomson was originally from Melbourne but moved to WA. The family remained in WA but the medal turned up in NSW before being sent to me. Soon this BWM will be on its way back to WA. It is the 444th medal returned by Lost Medals Australia.


I have posted the photos of the BWM awarded to 1178 SGT Arthur George Leslie before. I find the naming on this medal interesting as Leslie was part of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force that was formed separate to the AIF with the task of securing German territories and radio stations in the South West Pacific.
This time the photos are being posted to mark the return of this medal to the family. This is medal 443 that Lost Medals Australia has returned.