14 September 2008

400th medals returned

Lost Medals Australia has reached a significant mile stone. This week I returned the 400th medal to a veteran or a member of their family.
This return was of the WWII war medal awarded to NX84054 Jack Rogers. His grand daughter contacted me after stumbling across his name which I had posted on the web.
I am very excited about this particular return.

13 September 2008

Another world wide search

Earlier this year I received a WWII group of four medals awarded to John McCallum, RN. They came in their box of issue and the sailor's name and address was on the box. Since British WWII medals were not engraved the name and postal address were the only clue.
I tracked down a relative who is unfortunately deceased but his son is a well know actor who currently resides in the US. So I wrote to him and I have received a positive reply. I'll forward the medals to him in the near future.
The trail for this group is as follows. A British serviceman's medals were sent to me in Australia. The closest relative I can find is in the US and there are still family in Scotland.
This brings the returned medal count to 399.