08 January 2011

RAN - Pearson

The majority of medals we deal with are those awarded to the Army. Every so often we receive medals awarded to members of the RAN or RAAF.
On this occasion five WWII medals awarded to 22121 Thomas William Henry Pearson RAN‏
will be returned to his daughter.
The retuned medal tally is now 842 and these are from the NSW RSL box.

Pearson update - 13 Jan 11
The family of Thomas Pearson has very kindly provided us this photo of Thomas in uniform.

I should have mentioned that the Australian Surname Group assisted us research this family.
This is what Bill posted:
'For Thomas it was a long and hard war, he served on HMAS Kuttrabul, which was torpedoed during the Japanese attack on Sydney harhour. He also transferred off HMAS Perth just before she sailed north to be sunk in a fleet action against the Japanese. He would also serve in the HMAS Staurt on it regular resupply runs into Tobruk, during its seige. In all he would take part in 25 such 'runs'.
He would be one of very few sailors who would claim both the Africa and Pacific Stars, during his service.'

Update on 8 May 11 - photos added.

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