19 July 2009

Gallipoli Died of Wounds

618 William Middlebrook was a member of 14th Bn, he arrived at Gallipoli in May 1915. He received a gunshot wound on 27 May and was evacuated to a hospital ship. He died of wounds on 29 May 1915 and was buried at sea. His medal entitlement was the 1914-15 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal were sent to his brother Thomas. At some point they have been lost and were recently handed in to the Victorian Police who sent them to me.

The medal returned tally is now 529.

18 July 2009

Who is online?

For the last month I have had a new online map for this blog. It shows where someone has viewed from in the previous 24 hours and who is online at the moment with a flashing green symbol. I find it very interesting to see where people are viewing from, especially when I'm on line at the same time.
Thank you for visiting this blog and this link will show you as being online.

15 July 2009

This return is to the niece of NX 24326 R.T. Madden. Bill has been very frustrated with this search but some fantastic help from the Australian Surnames Group. I would like to quote Bill here:
'So when you put up the Blog can you mention the ladies of YUKKI and the lovely Sharon, and Charlee who provided the break through, in particular Sharon when she suggested that I discard the 'death notice' I had for a Mary Jane MARTIN and go back to the beginning. Which is what I did and now 7 months later. Were there..'.

The tally of medals returned is now 527.

13 July 2009

Duplicate set and going home

This set came to us from the Queensland Police Service. These are an officially issued duplicate set and marked with a 'D', awarded to VX12431 John Lewis Brown. The medal returned tally is now 522.

Lost in the post

One of the organisations I have a great relationship with is Australia Post. My contact, Jackie, is a really fantastic lady and she collects medals that come adrift in the post and forwards them to me. Between us we have returned many medals to families. This return is a bit different. Jackie sent me four medals recently and as it turned out they originated from a coin and medal dealer. So through the dealer they are going back to the rightful owner. Medals returned tally is now 518.