28 July 2010

Frederick Harris

The pictured medals were awarded to SX39634 Frederick William John Harris who was from South Australia. However, I like the note that his place of enlistment was 'Field, New Guinea'. This search was arduous to say the least and not helped by the difficulty we have in accessing South Australian records. Bill prevailed and has located Harris' niece who will soon receive these medals.
The returned medal tally is now 677.

12 July 2010


NX129487 DAVID ERNEST ELLIOTT enlisted in Papua but was originally from NSW. I found very little information about him on the Internet. The only reference I did find was enough to provide a link to his son (thank you Janette). Elliott was entitled to four medals for his service in WWI but only three were sent to me. They are in as issued condition and still in their box of issue.
The returned medal tally is now 674.

07 July 2010

Australian Active Service Medal

Another medal sent to me recently by the WA RSL was the AASM (clasp Iraq 2003) awarded to AB Simon Holloway. It took a bit to track him down but the day after the medal arrived at my address I was able to speak to Simon and arrange for his medal to be sent back to him
The returned medal tally is now 671.

06 July 2010

James Gorman

One of the medals I received from the WA RSL was the BWM awarded to 2219 Dvr James Gorman. His service record is quite extensive and shows that came from a small town in South West WA. I found that he was buried in a town close to this so I checked the White Pages. There was one entry with the same name so I took a punt and rung them. Sure enough they are related. I found the great grand son of James.
The returned medal tally is now 670.

Thanks to the RSL

On this blog and our web site I mentioned several times the fantastic relationship I have with the RSL National HQ and the State Branches. In the past they have provided me with research assistance and other support. They have also provided me with medals that have been handed in.
In the last couple of days I have received several sets of lost medals from the WA RSL. Over the next few weeks I hope to solve some of these research cases. Indeed, I've located the families of two sets I received and will post details shortly.

03 July 2010

Chivers update

I have recently received a photo of Henry Joseph Chivers from his family so I've added it to the relevant post.

Another international return

Since Apr 06 I have been researching the 14/15 Star awarded to 14420 PTE Ralph Dudgeon, Coldstream Guards. I received some bits of information from the British Medal Forum and the Great War Forum. Unfortunately, no clues of any substance was generated. The only link to Dudgeon's later life is an entry on the NSW BDM that he died in Mona Vale in 1969. While his records shows that he had a wife named Annie we just couldn't find anything else.
The power of the Internet proved itself yet again toady when I received an email from Dudgeon's great niece who lives in England.
The returned medal tally is now 669.

PS. John S, we have almost returned all the medals you sent me four years ago.