18 February 2011

Cyril Davy Alcock

I received a group of four medals awarded to Cyril Davy Alcock from the WA RSL last year. The medals are a WWI pair and a WWII pair. The WWI pair have been renamed so are not those originally awarded to Cyril. This was not an uncommon as former servicemen often did this if medals were lost along the way. The WWII pair are correctly named as issued by the RAAF. This link is the WWII nominal roll entry for Cyril.
This search started out so promising. Cyril's 85 page WWII service record is available on line so I had a wealth of information. I knew all his children's names, his address in Kilmore, Victoria and then his business address in WA. I quite easily found his burial at Pinaroo Cemetery WA and also that of his 2nd wife, Maude. The next hit I got was a 2007 internet entry posted by a Jane Hemphill looking for Cyril. Jane claimed to by Cyril's grand daughter. With all this information I thought it wouldn't take long to find the family. That is when I ran into brick walls. The email address Jane left on her post was inactive and then I couldn't locate any further reference to her at all. I got no hits on any of Cyril's children nor any further information about his death. So then Bill took up the challenge and finally we got a result. Cyril's medals will be returned to his family in the near future.
The medals returned tally is now 858.

Update on 8 May 11 - photos added.
As mentioned in the text above, Cyril's WWI medals are not his originals bit a pair that has been renamed. The War Medal has been engraved and a letter from the original naming can be seen following the Alcock. The Victory Medal has been stamped but the work is very poor.

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