13 March 2012

William Cleaver - WWI British War Medal and Victory Medal

4524 Private William Cleaver served with the Bedfordshire Regiment during WWI. Unfortunately, there is no information about his war time activities.
During the 1920s he immigrated to Australia and sometime before 1931 he married Daphne Doreen Cleaver. William worked for the WA railways and I was able to follow them through the electoral rolls as they moved from town to town in Western Australia. William also served during WWII as W30410 SGT Cleaver with the 5th Garrison Battalion. William died in 1978 and Daphne in 1980. Together they had one son, Ronald William Cleaver who married Dawn Cottell in 1972. Ronald died in 1990. It was Dawn's second marriage and they were both 40 at the time of the marriage; unfortunately they had no children.
I came across a family tree which gave me the details of Ronald and Dawn. The tree has been put together by Dawn's nephew, Peter. I've been in touch with Peter and he is going to receive the medals.
This pair was originally sent to me by the WA RSL. The returned medal tally is now 1092.

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