17 March 2012

Frank Breaden

Some of our searches end up exactly where they begun. The story of the medals awarded to PTE Robson for example. 
Here is another case of medals being found in a relatives possessions but there is no recent family knowledge of them and when we finish the research they are exactly were they should be. This is Bill’s story of a recent search of this nature:  
‘I once posed the question on our Blog of 'when is a medal lost', the answer was quite simple really it was when the 'owner' had it but didn't know. 
Such was the case with the medals of 11298 Gunner Frank Breaden, 1st Field Artillery Brigade.
It also highlights the not inconsequential number of medals that families are discovering in 'Grandma or Grandad's biscuit tin'.
Such was the story of Frank Breaden and his British War and Victory Medals, home from where the search began.’

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