30 April 2012

Resizing photos tutorial

I often get asked how to resize photos so they can be posted on blogs or forums that have size limits. I’m sure there are many methods and we also have a program for doing fancy stuff with photos but I find this the easiest method for a simple resize.

As part of the Microsoft Office package there is a program called Picture Manager which is the program I use for resizing. Picture Manager can be found through the Start menu.

Or by right clicking on an image you can open the image in Picture Manager.

By selecting this option the picture will open up at its full resolution. The first step I take to resize is to determine if the image needs to be cropped. This can be done by cropping the photo.

By using the guides you can choose the exact part of the image you want to show. Once done click ‘OK’.

The cropped picture will take up most of the screen. To reduce the size of the picture select 'Compress Picture'.

You will then have the opportunity to determine the size of the photo. For my blog I choose ‘Web Pages’. Select ‘OK’.

The photo will then be compressed and will appear much smaller on the screen. It will now be a size that can be saved to a web forum post. I save the photo as another version of the original so that I keep both photos.


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