11 March 2017

John Robert Murphy

This is another search were there was an abundance of information about the veteran and his generation. The solider I was researching was NX82488 John Robert Murphy. Finding information about the current generation and establishing a direct link, proved really difficult. This is a little surprising given the amount of information on the internet. However, with a common name like Murphy the usual sources didn't work.
Luckily, when I revisited this search recently I found some new information which led me straight to Murphy's niece.
Murphy served with the 1 Royal Australian Engineer Training Centre. This unit is familiar to me as it was located at Kapooka during WWII. In May 1945, 26 members of this unit were accidentally killed in an explosion. The site of the explosion is now in private land but there is a memorial at the location. The official file, including several photos, about the accident is at this link.
Thank you to Stephen who sent me the medals.
The returned medal tally is now 2031.

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