28 March 2017

Australian Soldier Medallion

This morning I received a call on my desk phone from Frank Muglia of Kalamunda WA. I now know that Frank had been referred to me by a friend of mine, Geoff Young. Frank told me that he works for the Waste Department of the Kalamunda Council and that he had found an 'I am an Australian Soldier' medallion. These medallions are named but the individual did not appear on the Defence phone directory.
I enlisted my DCO colleague Roland to help me and within an hour Roland found that our man discharged in 2015 but we had a contact phone number. I provided this to Frank with the hope that I would get some feedback. With in 10 minutes Frank rang me back to say that the number we provided as the correct one to put his in contact with the soldier we were searching for. Our man is a current member of the Victorian Police Force who discharged from the Army Reserve after 23 years service. He was amazed that someone had contacted him and that his medallion had turned up in WA. There really is no obvious explanation to this question.
I am really pleased to have helped out Frank who is dedicated to his job and that he wanted to see this return through to the end.
The returned medal tally is now 2048.

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