12 December 2011

Norman McInnes - British War Medal and Victory Medal

This search has been a difficult and rather strange one so I'll let Bill tell the story:

'Our search for a next of kin begins more often than not with medals that provide us a name and a service number.
For those of you who are always trying to fit a person into a family tree, just for a moment consider the opposite, proving that someone was not a member of a family tree, extended or otherwise. This was what happened with the search for the next of kin of 1691A Norman AllanNeil McInnes. Our first action was the need to demonstrate to the family who had the medals that Norman was not a long lost great uncle who served during the Great War, even though the medals had resided in the family medal box for longer than anyone could remember.
Then came the search for the real next of kin, and in this case may I say it never got easier. However, it was recently arranged for the Montmorency RSL to conduct a 'Returning Ceremony', to return to Norman's family his long lost medals.
 The questions still to be answered and which I have left to others is how did Norman's WW1 medals end up in another family’s medal box while Norm's WW2 medals are still with his family.'

The medals returned were the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. The returned medal tally is now 1054.

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