17 October 2020

Helping out a mate and the QPS

I'm been connected with a group of researchers for close to 20 years now. The initial common topic was the Australian Light Horse but we all have other areas of expertise. While most of our interactions are online, we have met multiple times over the years. They have also been very supportive when I've deployed. So when one asks for help, I drop everything else for them.

On Wednesday, Tim L who works for the Queensland Police Service, inquired about an Australian Defence Medal that the QPS were looking to return. By Thursday morning I was able to provide the full name of the former soldier to Tim although the contact details I found were from 2007 and not current. However, the name was enough for Tim to find the owner. Tim has now sent the medal back to Robert who is very thankful that his ADM has been returned having misplaced it years ago.

The returned medal tally is now 2566. 

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