18 November 2012

Melvyn Hinds - A mile stone return

There is not a lot I can tell you about NX172535 Melvyn Leonard William Hinds. His WWII group of four medals was initially sent to the NSW RSL by Geraldine of the Periwinkle Guest House and the the RSL forwarded them to me.
Melvyn's death notice gave me the names of his wife and children and using this information Bill was able to track down Mrs Hinds. The medals will be returned to her shortly,
This return is a significant mile stone for Lost Medals Australia as we have now returned 1200 medal.

This is how the medals arrived. The ASM and the War medal are mounted the wrong way around.




  2. I was so happy to hear that you found his wife! We had the medals here at the hotel for some time and it always bothered me that we could not find the owner. I am so greatful to you and the NSW RSL for such effort in returning them to where they belong. You have made my day!
    Periwinkle Guest House