18 February 2012

WWI British War Medal to Wilfred Robinson

This story is has many elements of luck about it. The BWM awarded to 3415 PTE Wilfred Gerald Robinson was given to me by a friend of mine who was in my Staff Collage class. When I received the medal last August I found a lot of information about this soldier which included his WW2 service, the names of his sons, that he died in 1970 and where he was buried. All clues ran out with the death of his wife in 1985.
Yesterday, I decided to have another look at this medal and stumbled across a family tree on Ancestry which had Wilfred listed. The tree hadn't been accessed for seven months so I was relying on a bit of luck again. Within an hour of sending a message to the owner I had an email response and a request to ring her.
As it turns out the lady why published the tree had done so for her sister in law who is the carer of Wildfred's son Eddie. Eddie is a WWII veteran himself and not in good health so all these pieces of luck have come together at a great time so that Eddie will get his father's medal back.
Thank you to Angie C for sending me the medal and also to Bunny and Carol for their interest in Eddie and his story.
The returned medal tally is now 1075.

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