04 June 2011

Selwyn Ogg - 11th LHR

The Internet made the search for the family of 57257 Selwyn Robert Alexander Ogg reasonably easy. I came across a mention about him on a family history web site and was able to eventualy find the family through Face book.
Selwyn was a member of the 11th Light Horse Regiment which, as part of the 4th Light Horse Brigade, participated at the Charge of Beersheba. However, Selwyn didn't going the AIF until 11 April 1918 so did not participate in the charge.
His WWI service record shows that his only medal entitlement was the British War Medal which is pictured. Selwyn also served during WWII.
From the family I understand that Selwyn was married to Barbara and known as Uncle Buller. Selwyn and Barbara didn't have any children of their own.
This medal was sent to me by Daniel and takes the returned medal tally to 885.

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