18 June 2011

Evelyn Bessie Spradbery - searcing for the family

I've had an Imperial Service Medal awarded to Mrs Evelyn Bessie Spradbery for some time. Finding her family has evaded us, so Morris recently obtained her death certificate. What we know is she died on 28 Jul 91 at the Kendal Green Hospital, Kendal. Her husband's name was Reginald John Spradbery and they lived at 74 Hall Park, Burneside, Kendal, Cumbria, UK. Reginald died in 1996.
I'm hopeful that by putting all these details together in one post we might eventually get a hit from someone who is doing some research on this family.


  1. Hi Glyn,
    Spradbery is an unusual name so I had a fossick for Evelyn. Using a site for English free BMD
    I found that Evelyn married Reg in the quarter Jan-March 1933 in West Ham (Essex/Greater London).
    Her maiden name was LINGGOOD which is also great for research. Evelyn was born April-June 1910, also in West Ham.
    Hope these details help attract a family member.

  2. Thanks Jenny, this is proving to be a difficult one, so thanks for the additional information.


  3. Hi Glyn,
    Evelyn and Reginald had a daughter Gwendoline J Spradbery b 1933 West Ham Essex, She later married a Dennis S Medden in 1952. By 1971 they were divorced and she married Brian A Spence in Waltham Greater London. I have not as yet found any other children for Evelyn and no children either for Gwendoline. I will keep looking.

  4. Hi Glyn,
    Are there any children listed on the death cert? If not who was the person notifying the death? Invariably it is a relative so this might be another link to look at. I have searched the birth registers for the period 1933 - 1938 and have not found any other Spradbery births in that period. I am currently searching for Medden children post 1953. I will keep you informed.