04 June 2011

Bertram Houston

The search for the family of 3121 Bertram John Houston was quite difficult and stretched Bill's research skills. However, Bill persisted and has located Houston's nephew. The search was complicated by Houston's use of different names during his life. At various times he went by Bert, John or Bill. Houston served with the 16th Bn, AIF.
From the research it is apparent that after the war Houston and his family lost contact. From his service record we know that in 1955 he applied for a duplicated set of medals and at the time he was living in Innisfail, North Queensland. 
The British War Medal we are returning to the family is the original one awarded to Houston. Thanks to Brian for sending it to me in the first place. The returned medal tally is now 886.

1 comment:

  1. Tremendous effort on Glen's (and Anna's)part to locate the family in view of the time since the war also in view of the time it has taken for the medal to resurface since its loss.
    Continue the good work Glen & Anna
    Best of luck for the future

    Brian Richardson