06 May 2020

Korean War group

This search was pretty bizarre, mainly because it started with a wealth of detailed information, went no where and ended with success.
It started with an email from a very hardworking advocate from a Queensland RSL sub-branch. The advocate had a lifetime worth of documents, and a medal group, belonging to a deceased Korean War veteran. The documents included a statement that the veteran wanted his medals to be left to his young grandson and that his daughter was to be the custodian for the time being. The statement even gave their full names. Despite this detail there was only one slight lead to follow. The two names I had were listed on a US criminal background search website as 'maybe related to Dxxxxx', but this possible information was behind a very expensive paywall. It wasn't worth the outlay of $1000USD to find out that the maybe information was actually irreverent to the search. I did find it interesting that neither name had any digital footprint at all.  
The veteran was only mentioned in three electoral rolls between 1958 and 1980 but from this it was clear that he had been married twice. I took this information back to the advocate and it was just what was needed to find the name of a relative who had an enduring power of attorney. The medals and all the documents relating to the veteran will shortly be back with his family.  
Well done to the advocate who has been chipping away with this search for several years. He did say that I was his last resort and I was very pleased to help out.
The returned medal tally is now 2469. 

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