10 April 2020

Bob Goodwin

I'm back to revisiting some of the older searches where a result has eluded me in the past. As always I am hopeful that new information posted online will give me the clue I need which will help locate a family.

The search for the family of 76399 Ernest (Bob) Vaughn Goodwin started so well about six years ago. I had Bob's date of birth, his place of birth, his NOK, all the basics which usually lead to success. But once the research got to 1980, when the online electoral rolls end, I was stumped.
I had a look at this research again today and found a new family tree on Ancestry which gave me the name of Bob's brother; information that I didn't have previously. From there I was able to piece together the missing information that led me to the family of Bob's brother.
I didn't quite have the correct family construct but with a lot of help from Corporal S, I was put in touch with the the right person to send Bob's medals to.
Thanks go to Lascel V Z, who sent me the medals originally and to CPL S who facilitated my contact with Bob's family and greatly assisted this search being resolved in about three hours after it took me six years to get this far.
The returned medal tally is now 2450.  

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