28 April 2017

An Anzac Day find

Anzac Day means a peak in activity for us. Those interested in their family military history are inspired by the annual commemoration to conduct some research.
The majority of contact we get at this time of year falls in to three main categories.
Firstly I receive dozens of emails from families looking for medals that have been lost or sold in the past. This is a very difficult task and regrettably, I can not offer anything other than adding the details to my research notes.
The second main reason for contact is that someone has come across the list of medals we have and we can finalise a case.  
The final reason is that someone has medals and wants to see them returned, especially if the medal has been found on Anzac Day. That is the back ground behind this Australian Defence Medal which was found on the ground at the strat point of the Sydney Anzac Day march.
It was found by Chaplain Kerry Larwill who contacted the Directorate of Honours and Awards and then referred on to me.
The medal is named to A.L. Samson and a few hours searching on the internet led me to Athol Samson who was linked to The Royal NSW Lancers. I fired off an email the unit association and this morning I received a call from Athol.
Thank you to Kerry and Wes from Honours and Awards.
The returned medal tally is now 2080.

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