01 March 2015

Charles Nayler

This story from Bill has both a positive and negative aspect.
The search for the family of QX9091 Charles Thomas Nayler started when a former vice president of a Qld RSL was asked to arrange the remounting of a set of medals.
His problem, he explained, was that on checking them he discovered that there was a 'ring in', namely the 1939-1945 ASM, of Nayler. This I believe occurred when the medals were originally mounted by a ‘professional’ medal mounting service many years ago.
As you can imagine this search has involved a lot frustration and dare I say it, angst. To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment to several families that have now or are now becoming involved I have not included any further details. However, I will merely say that several sets of medals are currently being ‘examined’.
This, by the way, is not as rare as it seems. Recently an ex-serviceman was looking for his medals. The medals had been set up in a display case back in 2004. It is only recently he realised that the medals in his display frame are not his. Unfortunately, the shop that mounted the medals went out of business quite some time ago.
To those of you who read this Blog and have medals and are considering having them re-mounted, please remember to check the inscription on the medal when you go to collect them.

The returned medal tally is now1626.

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  1. good result in the end despite the terrible mix up.