19 March 2015

John Topliss

Bill and I never fail to be amazed at what gets handed in to the the RSL State Branches and then forwarded to us. Long time readers will recall the NSW box and the medals we have received from the Victorian and West Australian RSLs. Yesterday, I received a box from Wendy, my contact at the WA RSL which contained several medals groups.
One of the groups was awarded to F4106 John Alfred Topliss. The number is for a member of the RAN whose home port was Fremantle. From the WA electoral rolls I was able to work out that John Alfred and his wife had a son by the name of John Edward. There are no electoral rolls past 1980 on line so I lost the trail. However, by a frustrating process of elimination I worked out the maiden name of John Edward's wife. This led me to the Brady Family Tree in Western Australia which listed John and his wife so I fired off a message. By this morning I had been connected with John's daughter who has suggested that her brother, also named John, is the best person to receive the medals.
Thank you Daryl and Michelle for your prompt assistance.
The returned medal tally is now 1640.
 It was normal practice that WWII stars awarded to RAN were un-nammed.


  1. Haaaa I know Daryl Brady ... both my paternal and maternal lines are in his family tree.
    Well done Sir :)

  2. First up I must say thanks to LtCol Glyn Llanwarne and the members of Lost Medals Australia for their dedication in returning lost medals to veterans or their families.

    I’m happy that my site played a part in helping you return the medals to John Topliss’s family.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  3. Very well done Glyn. Sandra , I also know Daryl Brady , from my maternal family tree.