22 February 2015

Thomas Johnson

Just in from Bill:
Thomas Johnson's War Medal arrived in two parts a jiffy bag with a short note, that explained the medal along with others include in the bag were given to an RSL Branch by the family of a collector. They didn't want the medals and felt that the RSL could either put them on display or return them to a next of kin.
Somehow the medal has, over the years, been twisted or abused so that the medal separated from its suspender. However, it is nothing that a competent jeweler cannot fix.
The successful search really owes everything to the team at he Australian Surname Group. At the request of Thomas’s great nice who will receive the medal, many of the details that would normally be posted have been held back, to preserve privacy.

 The returned medal tally is now 1625.

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  1. well done you lot ... the surname group is always on the ball.