05 March 2015

Kenric Morrison

Kenric James Ker Morrison enlisted in 1915 and allocated to to 30th Battalion, AIF. He later commissioned and transferred to 57th Battalion, AIF. On 1 October 1918, Kenric was wounded in action and eventually lost his arm.
When Kenric returned to Australia he settled in Hornsby, NSW with his wife Ina and established a poultry farm. The street they lived on is now called Morrison Place. Kenric died in 1955 and didn't have any children.
Kenric's brother was Roland Noel Morrison who was a chaplain. At aged 56 he enlisted for service in WWII. As the padre of the 2/23 Battalion he was at Tobruk and was Mentioned in Dispatches.
I've located Roland's grand son, Ian, also a padre and I'll send him the medal in the near future.
Much thanks go to the Huxley family who I met in Canberra when they gave me the medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1632.

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