01 March 2015

Father and daughter groups

In the past I've researched father and son groups but I can't remember having returned medals to a father and daughter.
The father is 22036 Gunner John Herbert Brook and the daughter is NF451938 Enid Mary Brook. The medals came to me in a tin that was found by the great team of The Green Shed. Working out who Enid married was reasonable easy as there was a badge in the tin with the name Forbes. Using all the small clues I was able to put it altogether and I've now been in contact with Enid's daughter.
The returned medal tally is now 1631.


  1. Well done ... pleased they got back to her daughter.

  2. Great news Glyn. I love a happy ending. If we find anymore, we will be in touch :) regards, Elaine on behalf of The Green Shed, Canberra.