25 September 2011

We have now returned 1000 medals

This evening I received an email from Bill with some wonderful news. Bill has been researching a set of six medals and located the son of the veteran. This result takes our tally of medals returned to over 1000. I'm really pleased that Bill had the honour of reaching this milestone. Well done Bill.
So here is the story from Bill.
For a serviceman to lose his medals is an almost unbearable loss. But to lose the replacement medals?
Private Trevana Richard Isaac Taylor (V74398 and VX50857) had his first set of medals stolen about 16 years ago, or so his family thinks, he then applied for a replacement set, however after his funeral his family could not find his medals, which had been on display on his coffin. It has been a mystery that has plagued the family since Trevana's death in 2001. However an even bigger mystery for them now, is where have the replacement medals been from that date until August this year when the people at Southern Cross Recycling found them in a charity clothing bin.
The mystery aside, the medals are now back with Private Taylor's son John who plans to have them mounted, something his father never got around to doing. They will then be stored for safe keeping. As John said when I spoke to him "you don't get lucky twice."
This return owes a debt of gratitude to Pat Gauci, of Southern Cross Recycling, and it would be remiss of me not to thank her, rather than leaving them in a box she chose to follow up with Jude Busheers the Office Manager of the Victorian Branch of the RSL. Jude immediately passed to Pat, Bill's phone number with as Pat put it, a 'recommendation'.
The retuned medal tally is now 1003.

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  1. There have been some wonderful stories about returned medals in the past but this one is really special
    Congratulations to all involved in the search