24 September 2011

Terence Webster

I've often mentioned the wonderful support I get from the RSL. When I first started looking for families the Queensland State Branch very kindly published the list of names I was researching. In 2001 they asked me to look at several sets of medals that they had been handed over the years. One of those groups was the WWII medals awarded to QX16468 Terence Edward Dowling Webster. I had a few leads which ran in to brick walls and over the years have revisited this search many times. Indeed, Bill and I have expended many hours on this particular group.
Recently, our research team has expanded with assistance being provided by Chief Petty Officer Alex Lewington. I've made reference to Alex in other posts but it is time he was pushed in to the lime light as Alex put all the pieces together to resolve this search.
So here is the link: Terence's sister was Myrtle, her daughter was Alice and finally her daughter is Sherry. Terence's medals will be returned to Sherry, his grand niece.
The returned medal tally is now 996.


  1. what a wonderful service i feel like the medals are coming home great feeling ghtank you to all the team god bless

  2. Sherry it is our pleasure to do this for you and your family.
    (Terence's great niece Sherry left this comment for us)