02 September 2011

Caldicott father and son medals

This return is very satisfying. Firstly, because three medals awarded to a father and son will be returned to the family. Secondly, because this family is very aware of their past and have gone to a lot of effort to record their history.
The first medal is the Victory Medal awarded to 7804 William Henry Caldicott. The other medals were awarded to his son NX72585 William Robert Ralph Caldicott.
I put this search together and found the link to the family based on the story written by William Henry Calidcott's grandson Peter and posted by his great grandson Matt.
Thank you very much to Diane for sending these medals to me. 
The returned medal tally is now 974.


  1. Thank you Glyn. The Caldicott medals had been with my family for over thirty years, picked up in a box of second hand goods. Your work has seen them returned to the rightful owners.

  2. I've done a quick blogpost this year about the business of returning the medals to the family. Sincere thanks to all those involved.