31 March 2011

Medals awarded to Australian servicemen

At this time of year, the number of inquries I get from people about medals they have or medals they are looking for increases. I'm sure that the approach of Anzac Day has a lot to do with it.
In recent days I've received several emails that describe a medal and request an explaination of what the medal is. I'm very pleased when I'm able to help someone who has an interest in their families medals.
In the first few posts of this blog I showed examples of the most common medals awarded to Australians during WWI and WWII. To assist people with these inquiries, I thought I would bring the posts to the top of the blog.
This link is to WWI medals.
This link is to  WWII medals.
This link is to information about fake medals.
This link is to information about duplicate, replacement and replica medals.

I hope that these posts are helpful to readers.
Anzac Day 2011 is not that far away.

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