08 January 2008

WWII Medals

The following pictures are examples of medals that were awarded to Australians for service during WWII. There were considerably more than awarded for WWI. Other decorations for bravery and gallantry were awarded but I'll cover them in later posts.
The 1939-45 Star, showing the
impressing of the soldier's
number and name.

The Africa Star with 8th Army clasp (left)
The Air Crew Europe Star (right)

The Atlantic Star (left)
The Burma Star

The France and Germany Star (left)
The Italy Star (right)

The Defence Medal

The War Medal

The Australian Service Medal 1939-45

Naming on an Australian Service Medal

A WWII group

All medals awarded to Australians were impressed with the number and name of the soldier. The impression is on the reverse (back) of the Stars and the rim of the other medals.

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  1. Hi , I have my dads medals (service, pacific , war and missing his aust service medal) , But none are engraved as per your article .
    Why would this be ? (I know for a fact these are the originals) .
    Cheers Gary