08 December 2010

Assistance to the Victorian RSL

This story is of the return of six WWII medals to VX8801 Victor Ernest Preston. The Australian Surname Group provided some fantastic background information which Bill used to track down the family. This is the story from Bill:
'Victor's meals were were found in a School Trash and Treasure, sale some years ago, last night I had the distinct pleasure of introducing John who bought the medals, to Kenneth, Victor's nephew the son of Victor's sister Phyllis. Prior to that at Victor's death from Parkinson's disease in 1987, his nephew Kenneth, who also holds his fathers medals had always wondered what happened to his Uncle Victor's medals?
So when Victor Ernest Preston's nephew Ken receives his Uncle's medals, medals that have been lost to the family for over 20 years, he will receive the medals of one of the 'originals' of WW2, as his Service No. of VX8801 attests, having enlisted on the 23 November 1939. He was also a proud 'Rat' surviving the siege of Tobruk. Later returning to Australia before fighting in the Islands to our North. I said earlier that Victor's medals show a 'hard life', I was mistaken, they are as impressive as when first mounted.'
The returned medal tally is now 813. This search was referred to us by the Victorian RSL.

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