05 September 2021

Reg Murray

It is very uncommon to see the original packaging and documentation survive to accompany medals. I was very surprised to receive the box, outer wrapping, entitlement letter and General Service Badge letter with the WWII medals awarded QX36508 Reginald Arthur Murray.

Initially, Murray was a bit difficult to follow through the public records as on occasion his first two names are interchanged. Once I worked out his wife's name I used that as the primary search criteria. From that point it was relatively easy to follow the family and determine their son's name. I quickly found the son's details in the White Pages and the donor and I have been in contact with the family. I'll send the entire collection back to the family soon (NSW and ACT lockdown arrangements permitting).

Thank you to Albert for trusting me with these medals. The returned medal tally is now 2654.


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