24 August 2021

Hamlet Farlow

This is another occasion where the travels of a medal is a mystery.

This British War Medal was awarded to 2595 Hamlet Oscar Farlow. Hamlet was born in NSW and died there in 1949. However, his medal came to me from Jeff in Tasmania. How it travelled there is the mystery.

Other than the basic information about Hamlet and the usual administrative notes, is service record provided two interesting pieces of information. Firstly, he was court martialled for being AWOL and second, he was wounded in action. After discharge Hamlet returned to Sydney and  listed in the electoral rolls as a labourer. 

Hamlet did not have any children. However, he did come from a large family with many siblings and I have found a great nephew of Hamlet who I'll send the medal to in the near future. 

Thanks to Jeff for trusting me with the medal and to Rick for the safe hand delivery.

The returned medal tally is now 2652.

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