06 February 2021

'Snow' Allinson

The WWI Victory Medal awarded to 4899 Leonard Thomas 'Snow' Allinson was sent to me by Ingrid in June 2020. The first thing I found online was a picture of Snow as a toddler. Snow was born in 1894 so this photo is probably from 1896.

Snow served in the 53rd Battalion, AIF. After WWI he married Marge Marshall and died in 1942. They didn't have any children so I turned my attentions to Snow's siblings. Through his sister Doris' family line, I identified Karen who was the great niece of Snow. While I had the names of Karen's parents I didn't know her married name. I hit a brick wall at this point so set the search aside.

Last weekend I rid a refresh of several searches including the Allinson search. I found an Ancestry tree which included Snow's sister Doris. The tree owner , Neil H, kindly provided my Karen's email address so I fired off a message to her.

Yesterday, I had a lovely call from Karen and she was able to put all the pieces together for me. Karen also tells me that has a granddaughter who is very interested in her family military history. Snow's Victory Medal will soon be returned to Karen and her family.

Thank you to Ingrid and Neil for the roles they played in this return. The returned medal tally is now 2595.


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