19 August 2018

Ray Curtis and the Battle of Coral

Lost items come to us through the most unusual sets of circumstances. This all started with an email from a friend of mine and fellow officer, Leo M. He had purchased an old army trunk from a recycle center and inside found an identity disc belonging to 214950 R G Curtis.
A bit of research showed that Ray Curtis was a Platoon Sergeant in 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment at the time of the Battle of Coral. This link is to a picture on the Australian War Memorial website which shows Ray inspecting a captured weapon following the battle.
Finding Ray's contact details proved a little difficult to find so I used the 1 RAR network to get a message through to him. I am very grateful that my email passed through several supportive former battalion members, including jcal, to reach Ray.
Today I connected Ray and Leo so that a return can be arranged.
The returned medal tally is now 2241.

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