13 August 2018

An Australian Defence Medal returned

More and more, medals are coming to us from the Police after they have been recovered following a suspected theft.
Recently, the South Australian Police located an Australian Defence Medal and an 'I am an Australian Soldier' medallion in a car and the driver's name didn't match the name on the ADM. Constable Ben S sent an email to the South Australian RSL requesting assistance and this email was forwarded to me.
The ADM had the soldier's employee number, initials and name but the medallion had his full name. I used this information to find him on Face Book and discovered that we have a mutual friend. I fired of a message asking for Constable Ben's contact details to be passed on and left it at that. Today I have received word that the solider has been in contact with SAPOL. Very soon his ADM and medallion will be sent home.
Thanks to Nathan K from RSL Care in SA and Brad C for your assistance.
The returned medal tally is now 2238.

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