30 January 2013

Theodore Keegan

I received the WWII War Medal and Australian Service Medal awarded to QX53670 Theodore Joseph Keegan 1939-45 from Darrel H of the Boulder RSL (WA). This was a little confusing as all the records I could find indicated that Theodore lived in Queensland. I lost track of him in 1963 when he disappeared off the records I could access.
John D who was so successful with the Sergent search also resolved this search and was able to provide me with the name of Theodore's son. I rang Mr Keegan today and confirmed we had the right family and sure enough John's information was spot on. I also learnt that Theodore lived in WA for a period which explains how his medals got there.
The returned medal tally is now 1247.


  1. That John D will outdo you of a job soon :)

    Well done you lot :)

  2. Not likely! Happy to have been of assistance.
    John D..(not really anonymous)