26 October 2010

Norman Warran Castle

SX3890 Norman Warran Castle served in the 2/6th Field Ambulance and saw active service in North Africa. His medals (forwarded from the NSW RSL) are in as issued condition and have never been mounted for wear.
We have learnt from the family that Norman lived in NSW for many years following the war so his medals must have gone missing during that time.
The returned medal tally is now 733.

For those with an interest in the naming of medals there are a couple of interesting aspects with this group. The naming on the stars is usually squarely in the center of the reverse of the medal. However, on these two, especially the 39-45 Star, the naming is to the left (picture above). Also the naming on the rim of medals is usually in the center. On this ASM as the letters progress around the medal they tilt up. So much so that the top of the 'T' in Castle has caused the edge to swell up when it was stamped. This can be seen in the picture below.

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