24 October 2010

Garnet Basil Clarke

NX52573 Garnet Basil Clarke served as a commando in the 2/5 Commando Sqn during WWII. This link provides detail on the unit's campaign in PNG and Borneo.
Clarke's medals came to me from the NSW RSL. The medals where found in a house that was being demolished.
The returned medal tally is now 724.


  1. These are my grandfathers medals and my family and I thankyou very much for their return, the medals hold special signifcance to me being named after him Matthew Garnet Clarke. The medal's were stolen from our home in the early 90's and my late father was devesated that they had been stolen. My great uncle forwarded them to us after they were sent to him by yourselves. Thankyou so much once again and keep the good work.