20 October 2010

Father and son groups

One of our strangest requests came to us through the Victoria RSL from the executor of a deceased estate. The request was: who 'owned' the war service medals that were amongst several otherwise unknown items discovered on the death of their current 'owner'.
The executor at the time realising the value of the medals to the family concerned withheld them, pending research into whose medals they actually were and how they fitted into the estate.
Finally after considerable research, we were able to advise the executor that the medals were those of 3101 Leo John O'KANE and his son VX26838 Leo James Edward O'KANE (KIA at Buna, New Guinea in 1942). The 'owner' in question was in fact the daughter of John and the sister of Leo and the medals have now been passed to her next of kin.
The returned medal tally is now 712.

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