14 October 2010

700th medal returned

20 years ago, four medals awarded to 18801 John Reuben Owen RAN were stolen from his son's home. The medals resurfaced several years ago having been found in a rubbish bin in Melbourne.
There has been several attempts to locate Owen's family, including through the RSL, all to no avail. Lost Medals Australia was approached to assist with the search.
Through Bill's efforts and those of the wonderful Australian Surname Group members, Owen's son has been located and the medals will be returned to him.
The search was a little complicated mainly due to the fact that Owen had been christened as John Reuben ELWARD. The research details can be found at this link.
This return is significant for Lost Medals Australia as in now marks the 700th medal that has been returned.
(Pictures soon)

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  1. Congratulations to all on a wonderful achievement of the 700th medals being returned to their families