24 June 2020

More assistance to the Mount Druit Area Police Command

The post immediately before this one is about my collaboration with SGT Frank G from the Mount Druitt Police Area Command. After that success, Frank and I combined again today to solve another puzzle.
Frank had three WWI medals awarded to 443499 Jack Evans, RAAF. Based on the the name; Jack Evans, there was just to many people to make the search easy. The one piece of information that was key from the DVA nominal roll was Jack's date of birth. Using this I could work out his parents names and then work out his date of death. Back tracking led me to Jack's wife's name which was far easier to find in the electoral rolls.
Using the information we had so far, particularly the date of birth, Frank found a robbery report from the 1990s in Jack's name in the Blue Mountains area. I could then use the electoral rolls to confirm the Blue Mountains address for Jack and his family. Frank was then able to use his resources to identify a possible son of Jack's. Frank finished our call so he could ring the number for the person he found. One minute later, Frank called me back to say that he had indeed found Jack's son and arrangements are in place for the medals to be collected next week.
The total time spent on the search was less than 10 minutes and once again it was a real pleasure to assist Frank and the NSW Police Force.
The returned medal tally is now 2492.

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