29 August 2019

John Harper

There really isn't much detail behind the WWI trio awarded to 2933 LCPL John Bartholomew Harper.
Before enlisting John was a Motor Transport Driver with the Sydney Harbour Trust. It was in this capacity he served in a supply company and then 5th Field Ambulance.
Tracking John after the war proved a bit difficult as he was often referred to by the hyphenated surname of Holder-Harper. Alternating between the two surnames did confuse the the search.
What I did find was that John married Mary Ellen O'Donnell in 1922, he died in 1969 and Mary in 1983. From Mary's death notice it was clear they had no children.
The search for descendants of John's siblings proved unsuccessful so I looked at Mary's family. Recently I was in contact with a lady who I thought might be Mary's great niece. This relationship was confirmed today so I'll be sending John's to Julie in the near future.
Thanks to Peter D who sent me the medals.
The returned medal tally is now 2385.

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