24 August 2012

Welcome home badge

The final item that came to me recently from the NSW RSL was a welcome home badge presented to 2185 Driver Stewart (Jack) Arlington Hall. These badges were very common after WWI and the patriotic groups of towns and communities presented them to locals who enlisted. This particular badge was presented by the town of Wellington in NSW.
The search for Jack's family stalled a bit until I located his death notice and found the names of his daughter, her husband and their sons. What this notice didn't give me was Jack's daughter's married name. Luckily, her first name is an unusual spelling and by process of elimination I narrowed down the candidates to one likely family. By combining this surname and the name of Jack's grandson, which I had got from the death notice, I found a person of this name on the internet. I took a punt this morning and sure enough I had the right family.
Jack's grandson tells me he has Jack's medals so this will add to the family collection.

It looks as though a ring at the top of the badge has broken off as well as one of the stems at the bottom left. The badge is about the size of a 10c piece.

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